Take The 911 Quiz

  1. Who answers the phone when you call 911?
  2. Who answers the phone from a cellular 911 call?
  3. What information shows on the computer screen, and why do they ask the questions they do?
  4. What shows on the screen from a pay phone?
  5. If your child swallows a poison, should you call Poison Control? The CORRECT answer may surprise you!
  6. How can you summon help from 911 if you can't speak? (You have something stuck in your throat, OR someone is breaking into your home and you don't want them to hear you)
  7. What should you do and say if you need BOTH Police and Paramedics, such as for a shooting? What's the WORST thing to say? (Hint: You'll probably say it!)
  8. What should you do if you get a busy signal? How can you get around the backlog?
  9. What should you do if you accidentally call 911? Just hang up?
  10. How can you get through to 911 during a disaster?

How do you think you did? Unfortunately, just ONE incorrect answer could be deadly!

Have no fear, there's a brand new resource for you with all the CORRECT answers!