Special Report For Seniors


This may come as a surprise to you, but most of the people who staff the private medical alert system phone lines DON'T know how the 911 System works!

As a result, if they place the 911 call for you, especially in a medical situation, you may not receive the appropriate response from the Fire Department or Paramedics!

Most of the calls to the Paramedics and Fire Department from medical alert companies are false alarms! Plus, they often come in so vague, that in some cities, an Engine Company (Fire Engine) may be dispatched to assess the situation BEFORE Paramedics are ever sent to the scene. This greatly slows down getting the Paramedic help you need!

Think about this for a moment. If the medical alert dispatcher calls 911 for you, it is now a third-party call. And you know how information can change the moment you add a third party to any communication.

Plus, if the 911 Dispatcher has questions, they can't ask you directly. And the answers to those questions may determine the dispatch priority of your call.

Therefore, if you need to summon help from the Paramedics, Fire Department, or Police, use 911! Only use the medical alert system if you can't make it to the phone.

If that is the case, and if you have a system that allows you to talk to the medical alert dispatcher, you will need to tell them, word- for-word, how to make the 911 call! Yes, you read that right, YOU will have to instruct the medical alert dispatcher how to make the 911 call!

Would you know what to say? There are magic words to use to get the fastest response from the appropriate agency (which may NOT be the one who answers the phone!)

Having inside information on the 911 System could save your life! That's why "Secrets Of 911. How To Get The Fastest Response From The Paramedics, Fire Department And Police" was written.


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