Three Kids And Their Mother Died In A Fire In Los Angeles When The Fire Department Went To The Wrong Address!

It Was 15 Minutes Before The First Engine Company Arrived On Scene!

(By the way, the caller told the 911 Operator that there was a fire,
and gave the CORRECT address!!!!!)

I'll tell you all the details about that tragedy (including the actual transcripts of the 911 call), and show you how it could have been avoided.

I want to make sure that never happens to YOUR family!

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I've been in Emergency Medicine for 17 years, and a member of a Southern California Fire Department for 10 years. So I know the correct answers to the 911 Quiz.

And, sadly, I've seen the dire consequences when the 911 caller didn't know this information!

What you will learn about the 911 System can be just as important as knowing CPR & First Aid!

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You're competing with 5,500 other calls on any given day in Los Angeles alone! I'll show you how to make YOUR call stand out!

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270,000 911 calls in one year in Los Angeles went UNANSWERED, or were abandoned!

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Even though the Police and Fire Department really do want you to know this information, they don't offer a comprehensive 911 Manual for the public.


The information in the 911 Manual & Tape is accurate and life-saving, but as I said, it may ruffle some feathers. So please secure your copy now while you can.

Carpe Diem! (Seize The Day!)

Respectfully yours,

Robert R. Ross, EMT-D

Founder, Rescue Education


P.S. If your respond in the next 10 days, you will get a FREE Report with a list of little-known ALTERNATE PHONE NUMBERS YOU CAN USE TO GET AROUND THE 911 BACKLOG!

You'll get the numbers for every city in Los Angeles County! These are a Godsend from any phone, but especially when using a cellular phone.

NOTE: For those of you who do not live in Los Angeles County:

You will still benefit greatly from this 911 Manual & Tape. It applies to just about everywhere in the United States where 911 is in service.

In the Manual & Tape I will show you how to easily find these Alternate Phone Numbers for your area!